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CHT Global SD-WAN offers many advantages for both small and large enterprises with branch offices and data centers located all around the world. Businesses can now support critical and time-sensitive applications without large restrictions in bandwidth, connect new branch offices with reduced IT complexity and migrate their services to the cloud. As a result, customers will benefit from fast, secure and reliable network connections.

Benefits of SD-WAN

Business Agility

Enterprise customers can now provision new branch network offices faster and adjust bandwidth requirements on-demand without the help of on-site IT support.

Application Performance

With embedded Quality of Experience (QoE) technology, CHT Global SD-WAN improves response time and boosts the performance of critical SaaS and cloud applications for end-users.

Reliable Connectivity

Customers will receive highly reliable wide-area network connections with CHT Global SD-WAN’s ability to leverage multiple broadband connections through DSL, cable or LTE.

Cost Savings

CHT Global SD-WAN offers numerous ways to reduce IT operational costs through its cloud-optimized architecture, automated and zero IT touch deployment, and the virtual delivery service platform.

Deploying CHT Global SD-WAN

Broadband-based WAN

Leverage your existing MPLS network with broadband to minimize downtime and provide reliable connections to business applications.

Dual Internet

Multiple Internet links allow CHT Global SD-WAN to provide both a secure and reliable connection to enterprise data centers.

Hybrid WAN
Hybrid WAN consists of a combination of MPLS and Internet, which leverages more bandwidth at a low cost to boost application performance.

Cloud Architecture

CHT Global SD-WAN creates a secure cloud network through a secure and transport-independent overlay,

which provides enterprise customers with more flexibility. Scalable, multi-tenant gateways optimize secure

and reliable connectivity to both on premise and cloud applications. Business data and information stays

confidential with standard AES encryption security tunnels. In addition, each new SD-WAN device must

first be authenticated and authorized by the management plane in the orchestration layer before

participating in the secure cloud network.

With CHT Global SD-WAN, services can be delivered three different ways: at the branch, in the data center,

or in the cloud. Enterprises can now prioritize their critical SaaS applications and workloads with no backhaul

performance penalties and add new cloud-based services to branch offices with a few simple clicks. The

simplified delivery of these services reduces IT setup and configurations.

CHT Global SD-WAN has a cloud-delivered orchestration layer that contains a management and control plane

with built-in standard operating procedures. In addition to zero-touch deployment of branch network offices,

SD-WAN comprises of zero-touch WAN configuration. Automatic updates on link performances and

Quality-of-Service (QoS) adjustments further simplify manual IT operations.

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