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CHT Global SD-WAN: The Future of Enterprise Architecture

CHT Global SD-WAN: The Future of Enterprise Architecture

What is SD-WAN?

First things first: You’ve seen the term everywhere – SD-WAN is short for software-defined wide area networking. But, what exactly is SD-WAN?

Think (I know, sorry) back to your last phone or video conference call – Was the sound fuzzy? Did the video pause or lag? Was the connection, at times, unsteady?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you have experienced first-hand the rage and frustration behind (what’s supposed to be) an easy and reliable form of communication. Now imagine this scenario again but during a crucial last-minute business deal.

CHT Global SD-WAN is a cloud-delivered solution that allows enterprises, both large and small, to instantly deploy their branch office networks and data centers around the world and deliver a better end-user experience for its customers. The innovative technology satisfies the three biggest challenges associated with traditional networks in terms of security, cost, and reliability.

Business and IT network managers alike are pining for a way to optimize their current wide-area network (WAN) infrastructure without sacrificing security and performance. In addition, traditional multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) networks can no longer support growing bandwidth demand, increased costs, and immediate access to real-time SaaS and cloud-based applications.

For the enterprises that have multiple branch network offices located around the globe, the benefits of CHT Global SD-WAN Edge devices are endless.


Benefits of CHT Global SD-WAN:

Secure Cloud Network

            Businesses would rely on private circuits linked to customers’ data centers for security and performance in the past. As a result, customers did not have access to transport independence. CHT Global SD-WAN contains a secure and transport-independent overlay that works across both public and private circuits to optimize connectivity.

Significant Cost Savings         

            Traditionally, businesses used expensive private networks to deliver critical and time-   sensitive applications across their branch office sites. CHT Global SD-WAN improves business agility by allowing businesses to add branches and modify bandwidth-on-demand without complex IT configuration and high costs.

Automated Branch Deployment

            The process of adding a new branch to an enterprise network requires intensive IT      knowledge, configuration, and management. With the added value of zero IT touch deployment in CHT Global SD-WAN, businesses will save both time and money. The Edge can be easily turned on and connects automatically to multiple cloud gateways.

Centralized Network Management

CHT Global SD-WAN offers complete business-level visibility by allowing enterprises to monitor different areas such as application usage and network resource utilization. This feature allows IT personnel to troubleshoot application performance issues centrally through a UI-based portal.

Enterprises can deploy the CHT Global SD-WAN edge devices at their branch sites in a matter of minutes and rest assured that their devices and services will integrate seamlessly. And the best part is businesses can now focus on what’s most important – to better serve the customer, to keep pace with industry trends, and to stay ahead of the competition.

So what are you waiting for? Give your business an edge through the WAN edge.

To learn more about how CHT Global SD-WAN can transform your business, please contact us directly or leave a comment below.