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What is MPLS-VPN

MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) VPN can be easily understood as the transfer technology of data and voice traffic through a provider’s private IP network infrastructure. Developed and introduced to the market in 1999, MPLS based IP VPN technology serves a growing number of enterprise customers seeking the advantages of quality and secure communication transmission typical of a private circuit, but with the added benefit of flexibility allowed through a fully meshed shared network. MPLS VPN is a key solution that can help a multinational enterprise reach the next level.

Key Features

Global Coverage: CHT Global provides a MPLS-VPN backbone with global coverage allowing multi-national enterprise customers global connectivity to all their sites. In addition, CHT Global possesses the strongest network in Asia’s Pacific Rim along with the shortest route to America through its TransPacific cables.

Private Secure Network: Data is transferred by labels through CHT Global’s closed network, thus ensuring privacy and security

CoS Prioritization: CoS (Class of Service) allows for the prioritization of mission critical applications, ensuring efficient allocation of traffic bandwidth for integrated transmission of voice, video, and data applications.

Guaranteed High Performance: Industry leading SLAs and redundancy through mutually backed routes ensure high performance standards

Easy Scalability: Because CHT Global provides the network, complexity is reduced on the customers side and new sites can easily be added for full connectivity

Managed Service: Installation, management, top of the line service support, and value-added options simplifies customers requirements

Network Monitoring: Includes network monitoring system to give greater insight, better troubleshoot, and empower IT departments

  • Gain full any-to-any and multi-site connectivity of all sites worldwide with CHT Global's superior coverage, especially around Asia's Pacific Rim
  • Reduce the complexity and pains typically associated from building your own fully meshed network, setting up own security, and managing traffic flow.
  • Experience a reduction in operating cost and an increase in savings that can now be allocated to creating new business expansion and projects
  • Add effectiveness to business operations through consistent and efficient communication transfer and collaboration.
  • Enjoy superior 24/7 service that supports you in your time of need and rather than at a provider's convenience.