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Long Distance Voice

Long Distance Calling Made Enterprise Easy

Going through your domestic carrier to make outbound international calls can be costly. If your business relies on heavy communication with corporate headquarters or branches abroad, connecting with customers and clients, or just doing standard business across the globe, international calling can quickly become a burden.

CHT Global’s Long Distance Voice solution offers the same benefits as the typical consumer international calling card, and more. With the simple speed dial options, corporate members will be able to call out with ease to various locations around the world. The bonus? International calls will be reduced significantly simply by using CHT Global’s international voice calling system brought to you through the Long Distance Calling Solution.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Cost Effective
  • PSTN-based Voice Quality
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • On-Site & Off-Site PINless Dialing
  • Online Account Management and Address Book
  • Toll-Free International Roaming
  • No Contract Term
  • No Minimum Monthly Charge
  • Online Account Management

Voice Quality You can Tell

CHT Global’s Long Distance Voice Calling Solution is an enterprise-ready quality solution that provdes superior voice quality through fiber optic technology, but this also means bandwidth that allows transmission guaranteeing consistently good voice quality. This means that you can be assured that your business communications with customers and partners will be consistently the same high quality each and every time.

There’s a big difference between using CHT Global’s Long Distance Voice Service and Using Internet-based VoIP calling systems. Like any data transfer that occurs over the world wide web infrastructure, data is being passed along through a wide network that is being traversed by multitudes of others. This means that data transmission is neither guaranteed, nor consistent in speed time and time again. So for voice quality, it may be great one day, but another day it might be horrible.

CHT Global’s solution guarantees that you will get what you pay for, meaning you will receive a quality of of voice transmission that is consistent through CHT Global’s MPLS-VPN backbone as well as being routed through traditional PSTN systems. Nothing touches the volatile internet. Why not pay for something that you can count on? Your business is worth it.

Prices that Make a Difference

CHT Global’s Long Distance Voice pricing plan gives you the most competitive rates out there. Using an existing local provider to go international can rack up upwards of 10x as much in calling costs. CHT Global is able to give you lower rates by running transglobal voice transmission through it’s MPLS-VPN backbone, and re-routing it through the PSTN or POTS services to give you and your partners and clients the same quality of voice throughout the entire transmission. Reap cost savings that make a difference for your company and operations today.

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